Acupuncture – Oriented Energy work (AOE)

Acupuncture – Oriented Energy work (AOE) – Dr Christian Torp

Photos and information on this page are courtesy of Dr Christian Torp:

AOE is a unique form of healing developed by German veterinarian Dr Christian Torp. The best way to describe AOE is a marriage of traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (acupuncture) and Quantum Energy Medicine.

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Quantum Energy Medicine has been described as :

“A term used to cover a very wide array of approaches, methodologies, technologies and scientific studies in the context of health, healing and medicine that moves far beyond the modern Western allopathic framework. “Quantum” comes from quantum physics, which encompasses some of the greatest discoveries in the history of science.

The often under-publicized area of medicine is full of scientific discoveries and testing – which are developing so rapidly and in such surprising ways – that the boundaries between “pure;” science and what has before been termed as “mythical,” “spiritual” or sometimes more critically “nonsense,” are rapidly merging and fading. It is becoming more and more acceptable for doctors, scientists and technologists to use and explain phenomena like the effects of energy, such as light or bio-resonance and information on healing.

Healers who have been using energetic or informational methods without ever knowing the scientific basis, are now being recognized and validated by the scientific world. An exciting example of one of the major findings for people working in this area is the scientific credibility that consciousness and intention have remarkable and pronounced effects on health.” (Quantum Energy Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark – summary article by Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine)


Dr Torp’s experience

At a very early stage in his veterinary career Dr Torp recognised acupuncture as an effective alternative and supplement to traditional medicine, in particular during therapy of chronic diseases, but also for preventive purposes. Dr Torp developed AOE through his extensive clinical experience of acupuncture spanning more than 20 years.

A key feature that distinguishes Dr Torp is his ability to trust his own observations in practice above learned theories. This keen sense of pursuing his own observations, even when these are not able to be explained using current knowledge and theories, has enabled Dr Torp to step beyond the ledge of the known and explainable medical paradigm.

Dr Torp treating a patient

One-Needle Therapy

In 2003 Dr Torp developed a method of acupuncture, which became known as one-needle-therapy, based on traditional Chinese medicine. Dr Torp states that he was guided by the idea that all diseases have their source in an imbalance of Yin and Yang and in a disturbed Qi (energy) flow and that the best acupuncture practitioners use only a few or just one needle for treatment. Importantly, Dr Torp focuses on harmonising Qi rather than becoming caught up in how the block in Qi is causing disease.

Dr Torp does not consider himself intuitive or in possession of any particular skills that other people do not possess. In fact, his scientific training means he does not draw a conclusion unless he can produce irrefutable, reproducible and testable results.

Acupuncture points - image Dr Christian Torp
Acupuncture points – image Dr Christian Torp

The discovery of AOE

AOE was ‘born’ when Dr Torp attended to a patient to perform a routine acupuncture treatment. As Dr Torp was about to insert the needle into the identified required point, he noticed that the horse he was treating suddenly showed signs of relaxation and endorphin release BEFORE the needle was inserted. Instead of continuing, Dr Torp became curious and instead of inserting the needle he re-examined the patient to determine what had happened at the identified point (ie. he checked if the energy blockade at the point was still present). To Dr Torp’s surprise, the blockade had been completely resolved.

Dr Torp had experienced that therapy without needles, using mental force only (mental acupuncture) is as effective as the therapy with needles (acupuncture). He began to experiment with this discovery in foals, hind legs of horses and also in humans, realising to his own astonishment that the method worked unfailingly and the needle could be omitted.

Amazingly, by omitting the needle it became possible to dissolve other functional blockades in horses, for instance blockades in joints and organs and Dr Torp’s ability to heal his patients expanded. This discovery launched Dr Torp firmly into the fascinating, developing realm of quantum healing.


Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

In combination with mental acupuncture Dr Torp developed a way of energetic testing (kinesiology) directly on the horse. Traditionally kinesiology is practised on animals using a human surrogate on whom the testing is performed. By testing directly on the horse Dr Torp is able to find hidden blockades and pinpoint effective treatment and is able to identify all sorts of problems in his patients that to date have not been possible to pinpoint effectively.

In Dr Torp’s view a healthy organism does not show any blockade or painful areas. Each point and region in the body should be able to be palpated without any resistance or painful reaction. It is the goal of each of Dr Torp’s treatments to achieve this state. In the case of acute diseases, there is of course a role for western diagnostic methods and treatments. The AOE system is used for chronic diseases and in preventative medicine.


Overview of the AOE system

For an overview of the AOE system see Dr Torp’s website here.

The main characteristics of the AOE system are described by Dr Torp as follows:

  • AOE is an acupuncture orientated, but actually a more empirical therapy method.
  • The main idea is that healing is always possible.
  • The patient is the centre of observation, not scientific results, proven theories etc.
  • An organism with any disorder stringently shows a palpable blockade during an intensive examination.
  • The AOE system is mainly valid for chronic diseases and preventive medicine.
  • During treatment, each blockade is only released once, normally sufficient for life.
  • Western diagnosis has hardly any importance for realising treatment by AOE.
  • The success rate in all chronic diseases is about 90{afeaa658db471c486703db02b64b80574e638ce171bab3c9b899bf9ae485c151}, between one to four treatments (success rate means, that obvious improvement is observed).
  • The AOE system has a permanent effect on health.
  • Finally it seems that the healer is cured himself by treating his patients, due to the fact that every treatment step is realised by a little meditation.

(see this document for more info).

Earbase System

What’s next?

As Dr Torp’s work evolved he discovered that the answer to the question “what is healing” might be found in the developing field of quantum physics. Quantum physics is constantly improving traditional Chinese medicine and the old Chinese philosophy, especially Taoism. Dr Torp believes and I agree with him that the future of medicine will be found in quantum healing, deduced from the knowledge of quantum physics. To this end Dr Torp is focusing increasingly on quantum healing methods such as the two pointing method (Hawaiian method) and QEF (Quantum energy flow developed by Matthias Weber).

Dr Torp’s goal is to search for truth and the complete healing of every patient and he believes that practitioners must possess deep empathy and non-judgment for their patients.

Is Dr Torp able to objectively explain how and why his method works? No. He embraces the subjectivity of his work and in part this is essential in expanding the mind beyond perceived reality and limiting beliefs that stand in the way of achieving true healing. This is supported by the fact that reality is subjective – if you ask 5 experts about a problem you will receive 5 different answers.

The incredible simplicity of the treatment is what makes it so difficult to believe.


Here is a video demonstration of Dr Torp examining and treating a horse using the AOE system. I filmed this demonstration during the first 2 day component of a 4 day workshop taught by Dr Torp in Germany in May 2016. For a summary of the workshop see my blog post here.