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I am a veterinarian onmed20160320 AMT 076 a mission. I decided that I wanted to become a vet when I was 4 years old, my sole motivation being the ability to help and heal animals and make the world a better place for animals. I know I share this sentiment with many fellow veterinarians as well as most people who work in a healing profession with animals. This is a deep commitment I made to myself and it has never changed.

I believe that the veterinary (along with the human medical) system is on the brink of a much needed paradigm shift. The current model is focused on symptoms and the treatment of disease. 198827_5348893713_9075_nIt defines the absence of disease as health. Yet many animals and humans who are not suffering from a diagnosed or identified disease are not in a state of optimum health and wellness, full of energy and vitality.

Over the years several animals have opened my eyes and forced me to look beyond my traditional western medical education and beliefs. Keeping an open mind has always served me in life and my curiosity and desire to heal animals have nudged me on to a fascinating path of self-discovery, consciousness, holistic therapies and quantum physics.

I once heard a saying that the highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t 207971_5348883713_8206_nknow anything about. I detest ignorance and instead I have embarked on a monumental learning curve, finding mentors and inspiration around the world who are performing work on the cutting edge and at times beyond the edge of what is possible to believe within our current consciousness paradigm.

This blog chronicles my discoveries and learning along my journey.



Dr Maike Turnbull  BSc BVMS (Hons) LLB (Hons)


I teach holistic first aid to horse owners at www.equinefirstaid.com.au and I work together with my husband in our horse training business AMT Equestrian Services to help horses and their care givers.


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